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Malagos Chocolate Roasted Cacao Nibs 250 grams

PHP 175.00

Give your treats that healthy kick! Use Malagos Roasted Cacao Nibs to top your pastries and oatmeal or garnish your desserts, include them in your power shakes, or just enjoy them as a snack!

After roasting, we crack the beans open and remove the husk to harvest the nibs. These are the same nibs we grind to make cocoa liquor, the purest form of chocolate used by chefs, bakers and chocolatiers.

Malagos Roasted Cacao Nibs come from single-origin, quality Trinitario beans, a hybrid of the Forastero and Criollo. Our beans come from the trees we grow in the foothills of Mt. Talomo, Davao in the southern Philippine island of Mindanao.