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Lakan Extra Premium Lambanog

PHP 3,500.00

Lakan, once a title to royalty during Philippine pre-colonial times, is now the symbol of the extra-premium lambanog by Philippine Craft Distillers, Inc. Lakan Extra Premium Lambanog is craft-distilled coconut nectar and a 90-proof drink produced through a multi-stage distillation process licensed by the Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines.

As an affirmation of its exquisite quality, Lakan Extra Premium Lambanog was conferred a Gold Award during the 53rd World Selection of Spirits & Liqueurs 2015 held in Lisbon, Portugal by the Monde Selection International Quality Institute.

Spirity but sweet to the nose, with a jammy fruit and vanilla taste to the palate, Lakan has a long and smooth finish. This liquor is subtle, yet austere and complex.